Saturday, February 1, 2014

2014 Lots Of Love Hunt ~ The Hunt Path!

During this hunt, you will be looking for a pink heart shaped lollipop. 

The 2014 Lots Of Love Kids Hunt starts at Vicarious Youth and each prim has a LM inside to the next store on the hunt. 

If you get stuck along the way, just come back to the blog and click on a Store Number for a SLURL to the next store! 

 You may also join the official hunt helper group by following these instructions in world: Join the Sparkles & Giggles Hunt Group! - Open your Local Chat Window, copy/paste and click on the following link to join: secondlife:///app/group/60f83090-c49b-6a03-69fc-e50d67f07a9a/about

Store #01 SLURL Hint:  This will be easy. Like taking candy from a... giraffe??

Store #02 SLURL Hint:

Store #03 SLURL Hint:  At your feet!

Store #04 SLURL Hint: Delicious!

#5 Dropped, please skip until we can find a replacement. Thanks!

Store #06 SLURL Hint: You've hunted all day for prizes galore, now clean up your candy from the little house floor!

Store #07 SLURL Hint: Wondering If i am online? Check around there

Store #08 SLURL Hint: The rocking horse really loves me!

Store #09 SLURL Hint: OMG they make BOY Clohing!!

Store #10 SLURL Hint: The Dr. always gives me suckers when i get boo boos!

Store #11 SLURL Hint:

Store #12 SLURL Hint:

Store #13 SLURL Hint: girls:  forget princess ...    boys:  a boys best friend ...

Store #14 SLURL Hint: Sweets can Tame the Beast!

Store #15 SLURL Hint: Hint giver in store on Hunt Vendor Sign

Store #16 SLURL Hint: Polly can't wait for Valentines so she can dress up in red.

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