Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2013 Doctor Who Kids Hunt Information & Application

Doctor Who KIDS Hunt
November 15 - December 15
Theme -  Doctor Who!  That leaves a huuuuuuuge blank canvas for you I think. If you need ideas, feel free to IM me!
Application Deadline: November 1 (may be moved due to interest in hunt)
Vendor limit: 25 stores
In World Hunters Group: *~Sparkles & Giggles Hunts~*

Click Here To Apply


★ This is a hunt for kids, so I will not be accepting stores that only sell items for adults. If you sell furniture, decor or other things kids and adults can both use, that's fine. If you only sell adult clothing, please do not apply.

★ If you create an item for girls, you MUST create an item for boys as well. Alternately, you can create a unisex item.

★ Lots of regular child avatars will be on this hunt, not just toddleedoos. Please keep this in mind. If you can create regular child items, please make one for this hunt in addition to your toddleedoo stuff. Thanks!

★ Items MUST be G rated. This is a hunt for children and stores must have a PG/Mature rating. Absolutely NO Adult sims allowed. If you need age verification or anything else specifically to access your sim, please do not apply.

★ There are no restrictions as to what type of gift you give. However, the item must be something you created/designed yourself. No resellers.

★ No mall spaces unless you have your own landmark that takes hunters directly to your store.

★ You must be in the subscriber group for vendors. This does not take up a group slot and you will be given the LM to the subscriber kiosk upon acceptance to the hunt.

★ Gifts must be unique, original creations. You may not pull items from current stock. A re-colour is fine! Your hunt item may not be available anywhere in world or on Marketplace, etc. during the hunt.  You may sell your hunt item after the hunt if you choose to do so.

★ Gifts must reflect the quality of your shop.

★ The hunt item may not be hidden so that it is enclosed fully in another object, only a tiny bit of it shows, or is otherwise nearly impossible to locate.

★ If you need to communicate with me during the hunt, Notecards are best.

★ Once you are accepted, you will also receive a hunt sign. Please put this up as soon as possible as it will have an application inside. One applications are closed I will be sending out a version 2 sign with information for hunters.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Turkey Lurkey Hunt ~ The Prizes!

These are just some of the great prizes along the path of the Turkey Lurkey Hunt!

Unisex- 100% Rigged Mesh
Toddler Bed. Can be resized for older child. 5 prim, 
Copy Mod. Animations: Sleep, Dream, Pray, Read, Cry and Jump.
Kids Hand Print Turkey Drawing.  Stick it on your fridge!

Family animated activity, sits up to 3 kids, TD and Regular sizes